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Hello, and thank you for your interest in working with us during our summer camps.  We offer a wonderful working experience for the eight weeks of camp.  Our summer sports camp is a small one and we keep a low student counselor ratio. 

The first thing new counselors should know is that playing skills in Tennis and/or Golf is NOT a requirement for you to be an excellent counselor with us.  What we are looking for is a person who likes to work with young beginner athletes and can bring energy to the groups they work with.

Hi-Energy is a fundamental aspect of how we run our program.  The coaching parts of both sports are conducted fully by Robert Owens, the camp director.  The junior and senior counselors are expected to simply emphasize and repeat the simple instructions given to the group.  They will do this as they energetically feed balls to the players.  

During the golf portion, the counselors will again repeat and emphasize the basic instructions given and ensure the players are safe as they play.  

Our participants get to enjoy wonderful facilities in the Diversey Tennis Center and Driving Range.   The bathroom facilities are adjacent to where we play and the players are escorted by the junior counselors to and from the bathrooms when needed.

Setting up the camp for each sport in the morning and afternoon is also the responsibility of the counselors.  This relates to the energy factor mentioned above.  Every day we will begin promptly with the equipment ready for our dynamic warm up.  This sets the tone for the hi energy activities to come.


This year I will require that the counselors attend training on the feeding methods and ball machine set up.  This training will be conducted on Saturday mornings in May and early June.  They will be run during the Saturday morning tennis classes.

Pay Rates

The per hour rate for Senior Counselor is $15.  For Junior Counselors it is $12.   Payday is Friday and if you are not scheduled to work on Friday you can get paid on  the Thursday.  Additionally, I will often add a small bonus to a paycheck if a counselor demonstrates hi energy and strong initiative during the week.

Each counselor will have a dedicated google spreadsheet in which to manage their schedule and to provide an invoice to me for payday.


The camp workday is broken into two shifts.  8.30am to 12.30pm and 12.30pm to 4.30pm.  This schedule ensures an overlap of counselors during the lunch break.  A counselor may be scheduled to work morning or afternoon or both.   The schedule will be managed in a spreadsheet.

The counselors are expected to view the camp website to see the summer schedule and other FAQ’s for the camp.

Dress Code

Every counselor will be given camp t-shirts which they must wear while working the camps.  It is important that the players and their parents know who is working the camp.

Please let me know if I’ve left anything out or if you have any questions.  Fill out the form below and I look forward to chatting with you soon.  Thank you,  


I want to work at MYFS

I want to work at MYFS

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