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Exclusive Lessons

If our group classes are not for you, please consider scheduling a private lesson.  For players who would like to get a concentrated boost of instruction, private lessons are an excellent option. Private lessons are schedule by mutual arrangement with the instructor.  

What to expect

  • During the lesson you should expect to hit a lot of tennis balls and get a great workout.  
  • For beginners there will be a greater focus on instruction.  

  • Your instructor will have a lesson plan.  Additionally, you should you should come to your lesson with a good idea of what you want to work on. Share this with the instructorand he will incorporate it into a logical sequence of instruction and drills.  You will get the most from the time if you are prepared.  

  • Be prepared to ask questions and if changes are made to your technique, you should clearly understand the reasoning behind the changes.  This makes changes easier to accept and adopt.

Please do not feel you have to get a private lesson simply because you are nervous about joining a group class.  Our Beginner group classes are for players who have never lifted a racquet and those who are still learning the fundamentals of the technique and movement.  

I do not recommend private lessons for young children.  Semi-private or 3 person lessons are more suitable for young players.

Private lessons are expensive.  If you want the focus and flexibility of a private lesson, yet the cost is too high, get a friend (or two) to join you.  Semi-private and 3 person lessons are very popular and effective.   There are great social, and economic factors involved with these semi- private lessons.  

If you would like a private lesson, please fill out the form below and we will call or e-mail your confirmation.  Thank you.


Private Tennis Lesson Registration

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