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Champion of the Coaches

A Unique Blend of Professional Development and Entertainment

Champion of the Coaches’ offers an innovative approach to professional development for tennis coaches.   Combining education and entertainment in an ‘American Idol’ style competition. This proposal aims to address the common challenges of investing in coaches’ professional growth and highlights the positive impact on club success.

Why Invest in Coaches’ Professional Development:

  • Increase revenue.  Improved coaching skills lead to increased demand for lessons, memberships, and overall club services.  

  • Sell memberships. Coaches are a vital product for clubs, influencing customer experience and retention.  Coach quality affects club reputation.

  • Management commitment to high standards boosts member loyalty and reduces staff turnover.

  • Overcoming ego barriers among high-performance athlete coaches is a challenge.  This program offers development in a way that showcases the best qualities of the coaching staff and shares the best practice toward their becoming effective teachers.

  • Offers a deeper impact than traditional conferences or online development and does so at a much lower price.

How It Works

We have a well-structured and engaging event planned to showcase the skills of your coaching team. 

These are the key elements.

Invitation to Coaching Team:  Your coaching team is invited to participate in an evening event where they showcase their best drills and in doing so see alternatives and other best practice.

Drill Showcasing:   Coaches will prepare drills for the warm-up,  cool-down, and main body phases of the lesson.  A panel of judges will review the drills based on pre-arranged criteria.

Judging and Scoring:   Points are awarded to each contestant based on their performance in the drills.  The constructive criticism by the judges is a major component in the coach development effort.   The coach with the highest score is crowned the winner.

Event Atmosphere:  The Master of Ceremonies (MC) will play a crucial role in creating a lively atmosphere.  Music and banter will be used to enhance the overall experience and make it more entertaining.

Audience Involvement:  Coaches are encouraged to invite their clients, friends, and family to the event.   Additional games and trick shot events will complement the evening.  Email marketing is used to recruit and advertise to both members and coaches.

Preparation and Awareness:   Coaches and Judges will be given plenty of time to prepare for the event.  They will be aware of the event format in advance, ensuring they can showcase their best skills.  Judges will review based on factors the contestants are aware of, eg. Energy, Number of hits, Relevance, Group management.  The factors used are predetermined by management and senior coaching staff.

Prize Incentive:  A significant factor in the success of the event is the prize for the winner, set at $500.  This serves as motivation for coaches to participate and put forth their best efforts.

Communication to Spectators:  The MC will inform the spectators about the format of the event, keeping them engaged and informed.

By incorporating these elements, we have created a comprehensive and exciting event that not only highlights the skills of your coaching team but also involves the audience, creating a memorable experience for everyone involved. The combination of competition, entertainment, and a compelling prize should contribute to the success of the event and most importantly, the improvements in coach performance.

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