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Our goal is to provide our players with the very best tennis experience. While we accomplish that, the players will benefit from the highest caliber coaching program. Our program is high energy, focused, intensive, entertaining, competitive, technical, and memorable. During the course of the tennis training, the players will be grouped with players of similar skill levels. We look forward to seeing you.


Adult Program

Junior Program

Private & Semi Pri. Lessons

Schedule a private or semi-private lesson with one of our excellent pros.  We will try to accomodate your schedule.  We love running semi-private lessons for you and a friend(s), & we can easily  manage players of different levels and ages.

Note: We do not recommend private coaching for young players.  Semi private or small group coaching is the best for young players.

Tickled By Tennis  (3 to 5yrs.)

This is our youngest entry level group. We know how to get these little players started on great path to playing tennis and all racquet sports. The players are busy with their racquet and ball (and sometimes balloon) all the time. The skills taught are wrapped up in games and fun exercises.  We run these lessons using the ‘red dot’ compression ball.

Drill Groups

These classes are are great drop in style class, complimenting the specific skill development of the group lessons. The coach will run drills and games that are designed to develop specific skills and strategies. It is possible to purchase a discounted pack of classes. These groups are most suitable for Intermediate and advanced players.

Tickled Quick 5 to 7 yrs).

These players have learned some of the basic skills and have even begun to hold rallies with each other and the coach.  The players develop their skills through repetition and a focus on the skills appropriate to their age, and physique.  


Technique Classes

Level Specific Group Coaching class. They are run in 8 week series with a curriculum that builds on the skills covered in previous weeks. Our player:court ratio is a maximum of 6:1. These are group coaching classes that focus on the technique of the various shots. This class is ideal for beginner and Intermediate players


Junior Challengers (7 to 12yrs) 

These players may be new to tennis and are older than the ‘Tickled By Tennis’ beginners.  The approach is simple.  We use exercises that are fun for the players and at the same time are the best at developing their game.  Simple skill instruction followed by lots of repetition in games and drills is the approach.  The players have a great time learning and learn to love the game.  We use the ‘orange dot’ low compression ball.

Cardio Tennis

All level (unless stated) Group Tennis Exercise class. This class is great fun. We have exciting hi energy music to compliment the hi energy drills and games that make up the class curriculum. Like the drill groups, the cardio class is a wonderful way to compliment the group lessons. They are a great fun way to launch a weight loss program. Getting back into tennis? Cardio tennis provides a great opportunity to find your game and find some suitable opponents. It is possible to purchase a discounted pack of cardio classes.  These classes are ideal for all level of players.

Junior Development (8 to 14yrs).

These players are starting to get better and will get instruction particularly focused on their needs.  They have begun to play point related games and are becoming familiar with all the shots used in tennis.  We would like these players to compliment their lessons with competitions.  These lessons are run with the ‘green or orange dot’ compression ball.  

Junior Excellence (12 to 16yrs).

Our advanced juniors are put through an intensive series of drills and point play to prepare them for the competition matches.  These players have already well developed skills and we focus on the particular skills each player needs to improve.  

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