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Meet Our Team

Robert Owens

Robert has been coaching for over twenty years. He has run tennis programs in schools, clubs, & academies in Ireland, Australia, UK & the US. The Move Your Feet Sports high energy tennis program has been developed with this international coaching experience.  

Robert is a technical instructor.  He welcomes the opportunity to develop or fine tune your strokes.  He will give you an understanding of the game so you can practice and play very well.

Robert is the director of Move Your Feet Sports and he welcomes your input for ways in which we can improve our service

Keli 'the tennaaychious' Wildermuth

When she sprints across the court you’ll understand.   Keli can outrun everybody and never tire doing so.  She was an All American college athlete and is very familiar with what it takes to create the passion that high performance athletes need to succeed.  She brings that expertise to MYFS students.

Keli works with our higher level students and she ensures they are challenged everyday.

Gavin "The Rock" Addison

This guy is all action.   He is a high performance baseball athlete and a star on his 17 U Warriors team.  Other athletes stare in awe when he works his magic.  Gavin knows how to get the most from his students and they love him for it! 

Gavin has been working with MYFS for a few years now and he knows our Hi energy style.  When Gavin runs the drills the players are fired up and give him 100%

Dylan "Grit" Kenealy

As a competitive Lacrosse player, Dylan brings the grit. The fight inside is what he brings on field and is what our competitive players will see and learn.

Dylan can analyse the data and he can pinpoint exactly where an athlete must focus to improve. As we work on the players competitive skills, Dylan will help define the exercises that can stretch that competitive component. This is Dylan’s first year with our program and were excited to see him in action.

Andrew 'Airwalk' Irving

Andrew is a skater.  This means he’s willing to endure relentless pain, bruising and the occasional broken bone to hone his craft.  This is dedication at it’s finest.  The young players love Andrew because he’s always smiling and is terrible at tennis!  Andrew is a natural at getting the young players fired up even at the end of the day.  

Katherine 'Ninja' Frey

Katherine is gentle and kind.  But when she competes, she is ferocious and will attack with the zeal of a champion.

Katherine has been part of the MYFS camps for 6 yrs and is now bringing that expertise to help the next batch of future tennis and golf  players.  Katherine is a tenacious student of the both golf and tennis.  Our young players will derive great benefit from watching Katherine demonstrate near perfect technique in both Golf and Tennis.

Laura 'Home Run' Irving

Laura is a softball player and a high performance athlete.   Her softball opponents cower from the intimidation she brings to the competition.  Laura is fierce.  Laura inspires the young athletes to laugh and love tennis and golf while they’re learning.    The hi energy style of our camp is driven by the same in our counselors, and Laura is the perfect example of that energy.

Olivia 'Heat Seeker' Segura

Olivia is an athlete.  She has fine tuned her softball skills to become a high performance softball athlete, and she exudes excellence.  As a Lane Tech varsity player and travel team star, Olivia is going all the way to the top.

This is Olivia’s first year working with MYFS and the kids are going to love her quick laugh and energetic motivation.


Wilson 'I'm not asleep' Macbeth

Wilson has the ferocity of the toughest of athletes.  His real cunning is the ability to lure his opposition into believing he has nodded off and then he strikes as if out of nowhere.  His baseball opponents languish in disbelief when the giant awakens and stomps all over their bases.  On the basketball court Wilson will explode over the most confident opponent and get rebounds that belong in the hands of much taller players.   

Watch out, When awake, He dominate!

Keira 'TNT' Kenealy

Keira is dynamite.  Watch out because she can blow the place up.  Keira is new to our program and will show the camp players that its ok to go up a gear.  The players feed off Keiras great energy during the drills and she is excellent at bringing out the best in her students.

Nicholas 'Ice" Frey

Nicholas is a Hockey phenom.  Lightning quick and devastating to goalies, Nick is a consummate athlete.  Cool as ice Nick is an example of technique well learned.  Our junior players will get to witness perfectly practiced and flawless Golf and Tennis technique.  Despite his cool as ice reputation, Nicholas is loved by our students because of his warmth  and easy way with his charges.   This is his second year as a counselor with MYFS.

Hagen 'Boom Boom' Bonnette

It’s Boom Boom because he is an explosion waiting to happen.  This guy is all energy.  Hagen is a favorite of the young players because he keeps them entertained and energized all the time.  Hagen is an athlete on both the Basketball and Volleyball courts.  His opponents stand in awe of his lightning moves and ultra competitive attitude.  When Hagen is playing, stand back cos there’s gonna be a bang!

AJ. 'South Paw' Regis


Anton 'Styles' Blocher

This is Anton Blocher.  Anton is an outdoor and summertime fanatic.  His enthusiasm is contagious.  This is his first year as a counselor with MYFS and he looks forward to helping the players get the most out of their time in the camp.   
Anton prizes himself on his great sense of style and the players will enjoy seeing what he brings to the camp.  

JP Terry


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