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MYFS Coaching Course

Welcome to this comprehensive course on tennis coaching, designed to offer a unique and effective perspective for both tennis coaches and players. Throughout my years of experience in teaching tennis, I have honed an approach that not only helps players understand the intricacies of the game but also teaches the student to coach themselves.

The structure of this course is tailored to provide insights into the various aspects of playing tennis, breaking down the game in a manner that has proven to be easily digestible and beneficial for players. Drawing from my experiences, I have incorporated notes in each section that can be valuable for coaches in running their lessons.

Whether you are a seasoned coach looking to enjoy another perspective,  a coach beginning to develop your coaching skills, or a player eager to elevate your game, this course aims to be a valuable resource.

The format of the course encourages participant input. Let’s embark on this journey together, exploring the best practice in the art of coaching, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the experience for both coaches and the players.

MYFS Coaching Philosophy

Incorporating energy into coaching is a central theme in this philosophy. The coach’s energy influences the frequency and efficiency of shots, the clarity in drill descriptions, and the overall execution of drills. The energy a coach brings is considered the “secret sauce” that enhances the tennis learning experience.

The course will delve into different components of playing and learning tennis, presented in an easily digestible format. The goal is to empower coaches to develop their coaching philosophy. Emphasis will be placed on helping students coach themselves by providing a complete understanding of how to make changes and the reasons behind those changes.

Additionally, the course will highlight best practices in safely running large groups, showcasing effective techniques for managing and maximizing the potential of group lessons. Get ready to explore the world of tennis coaching with a focus on energy, engagement, and empowering players to become their own coaches.

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