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About Our Camps

Our goal is to provide our players with the very best of summer memories.
Our program is high energy, focused, intensive, entertaining, competitive, hilarious, technical, and once again memorable. During the course of coaching, the players will be grouped with players of similar skill and age levels.  Our camp numbers are relatively small so it is easy for us to group friends and siblings together.  
Our camps are full instructional camps and we use very creative games and exercises to fully engage the players in learning while they have a great time playing and enjoying Golf and Tennis.  The suitable ages for our camps is between 5yrs and 13yrs.  
MYFS has fine tuned a very specific teaching model.  We pride ourselves on the very strong progress we make with the players sports skills.  Our method is simple in design and very expertly implemented.  Repetition of the skills and drills in the two sports is the key to the progress.  We cover very manageable coaching points and we repeat them through the drills and games that the players love to play.  Some players are in the earliest stage of learning the sports and others bring some experience.  All players will benefit from our coaching format because of the frequency and repetition of the drills and games and from the enthusiastic coaching.
The excellent sports facilties offer us a very safe environment to run the program.  We look forward to seeing you this Summer, and we appreciate any referrals and recommendations. 
Robert Owens – MYFS Director.


Move Your Feet Sports has developed and fine tuned our coaching program to offer the players the maximum learning environment.  The players learn through the drills and exercises we run.  These drills are carefully selected to provide the best skill development while at the same time providing the players with a very enjoyable experience.  What separates us from other sports camps is the energy our coaches bring to the program.  This is a fundamental factor of our success.

Our Tennis Camp runs between 1pm and 4pm.  Using ball machines,  great games  and exercises, the players will have a wonderful time while improving their tennis skills.  We welcome players of all levels and we will group players according to their skill level.


The Golf Program has been a huge success in our camps.  Using the Diversey Driving Range, we are able to utilize our proven coaching principles to develop the players swing technique and knowledge of the game.  In essence, the players hit a lot of golf balls during each session.  Through simple coaching guidance followed by significant repetition the players soon grasp the swing shape.  This early success has consistently resulted in growth in their interest or passion for golf.

The golf camp runs from 9am to 12pm each morning.  The players are grouped by age and skill level and begin each day with a warm-up technique that they learn and repeat.  We use the driving range for technique coaching, the putting greens for putting coaching, and the mini golf (very popular) to learn the scoring, etiquette and do’s and don’ts of playing golf.

2024 Summer Camp Dates

Tennis Only Golf Only Tennis & Golf
Week 1. June 10th - 14th Camp 01 Camp 02. Camp 03.
Week 2. June 17th - 21st. Camp 04 Camp 05 Camp 06
Week 3 June 24th - 28th Camp 07 Camp 08 Camp 09
Week 4 July 8th - 12th Camp 10 Camp 11 Camp 12
Week 5 July 15th - 19th Camp 13 Camp 14 Camp 15
Week 6 July 22nd - 26th Camp 16 Camp 17 Camp 18
Week 7 July 29th - Aug 2nd Camp 19 Camp 20 Camp 21
Week 8 Aug 5th - 9th Camp 22 Camp 23 Camp 24
Week 9 Aug 12th - 16th Camp 25 Camp 26 Camp 27
Week 10 Aug 19th - 23rd Camp 28 Camp 29 Camp 30


A 10% Discount is offered for Multi-week/Sibling registration.

The camp is suitable only for 5 to 13 yr olds.   Please see the FAQ’s below.

Early drop-off and later pick-up can be arranged

  • Golf Camp:   9am – 12pm, (drop off anytime after 8.30am). 

  • Tennis Camp:   1pm – 4pm (drop off anytime after 12.45pm).

  • Full Day of Tennis & Golf:  (drop off anytime after 8.30am collect between 3.45 and 4pm).                                                   


  • Golf only, $435.
  • Tennis only, $435   
  • Golf & Tennis, $783, (includes 10% discount).

Camp Registration Form

MYFS Tennis & Golf camp registration

Summer Camp FAQ's

TENNIS & GOLF CAMP.  Diversey Tennis & Golf Center 141 W Diversey Pkwy.  ​

Drop Off:   

Golf  ‘Drop and Collect’ spot is outside the door of the Golf Center.  The players and instructors will gather at that spot at 8.30am for drop off and 11:55am for collection.

Tennis ‘Drop and Collect’ spot is inside the gates of the tennis courts.  Drop off at 12.45pm and collect at 3.50pm.

Please note our facility is at the Driving range and Tennis courts beside St Joseph’s hospital.  Beware that  some Map apps might bring you to the Golf course at Waveland.

Camp Times:

Golf Camp is from 9am – 12pm.

Tennis Camp is from 1pm – 4pm.  

Drop off is available from 8.30am.  Please arrive early, and extra early if you need to speak with the instructors, especially on day one of the camp.  Please collect your child punctually as the instructors will begin evening coaching classes at 5pm.  If you need to speak to an instructor at the end of the class, they will be available during the last 15 minutes of class.

Rain Policy:  Golf Camp:

Rain will not interrupt the golf camp as we play in the sheltered part of the driving range.  Only extraordinary weather (morning lightning storms) will cause the golf camp to be cancelled.  In such an event, players are invited to join any successive camp for the number of hours missed.

Rain Policy: Tennis Camp:

In the event that bad weather will prohibit play before the camp begins, we will contact all parents (or babysitters) by text and email in advance to notify them of the cancellation.  In this case we promise to make the decision at least 1 hour in advance of the start time.
In the event that bad weather interrupts the Tennis or Soccer camp after the players have arrived, we will relocate to the golf center or other shelter for the duration of the interruption.  If we will be unable to return to the courts we will cancel the remainder of the camp day.  We will contact all parents (or babysitters) by text and email to notify them of this decision.  

In the event that part of the camp has been cancelled for bad weather the players will  ‘make-up’ for the missed time in any of the appropriate junior classes or during a future camp anytime during the summer.  We will work to ensure that the players will get all the coaching time that you have paid for.

​Lunch & Refreshments:
Players are required to bring their own nutritious and energy giving lunch and water bottle.  We can store these in our coolers.  We will ensure that the players are very well hydrated during the day.  We will take frequent short breaks during the tennis camp, and we will also provide ice pops as refreshments during the day.

Please Bring: 

​​Light sports clothing and a second set of clothes.  In the event of hot weather, we will let the tennis players cool off in the grass sprinklers.  ​Tennis racquet or golf club(s). If you do not have Golf clubs or tennis racquets it’s no problem, we have all the equipment the players will need.   ​Players should wear athletic shoes and bring a healthy lunch,  ​Towel,  ​Sunscreen, and a  ​Water Bottle.

We will ensure the players reapply their sunscreen during the day.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact Robert Owens at 773 791 5864.

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